Monday, September 6, 2010

Aside: A Paradise of Ordinary Things

"...and suddenly he was surrounded by a paradise of ordinary things."  - Peter Straub, Mystery

Another great Con come and gone.  No post-con report, because other authors are writing far better ones than I could, like this one, and I'm not linking to that at ALL because my name is mentioned at the end of the first paragraph.  That would be awful.  Opportunistic.  Self-pimping, even. 

Anyway, as awesome as the weekend was - and it's always fun hanging with my writer friends (too many to name; you know who you are) - it can't compare to the day I had today.  How did our Labor Day go?  Like this:

Everyone slept in until 7 AM.

I mowed and puttered around the lawn, the kids played on the swing set, and Abby hung the clothes up, then sat in a lawn chair reading the paper and drinking coffee.

We all took a nap (except Zack.  He just bounced and babbled for two hours).

We went to the Greene Fair.  No sightings of Cthulhu in spandex, thankfully.

We ate a very quick dinner at Mimi's (Italian place) because Zack was now very sorry (and so were we) that he didn't take a nap.

We got ice cream.  NEVER a bad thing.

Cons are awesome.  Productive.  And just darn fun.  Especially because while my wife only has to get on the phone and call her sisters to be with friends, I have to cross state lines to be with mine. But in the end, even though our day today wasn't perfect, no Con compares to this "paradise of ordinary things."