Friday, September 24, 2010

Pimpin' My Cool Author Friends: Rio Youers

No change to the booklist yet, because I've been reading some really long books. But, I thought of an alternate blog filler: "Pimpin' My Cool Author Friends".  These will be little snippets about folks I know who have written great stuff, and why you should read them too.  Today's Cool Author Friend is none other than Rio Youers.

First of all, why he's cool: he's probably one of the most vibrant, vivacious people I've ever met.  Rio just wants to "live", bottom line, and live out loud.  But he's smooth.  Very "chill".  Unpretentious when he has every reason to BE pretentious.  

And he's British.  Plus, he rocks a fedora like no else (except maybe Brian Keene):

I love this picture, by the way.  Why?  Because there I am - in the background.  Where I should be, for now.  But there Rio is, front and center...right where he should be, also. 

Now.  Why should you read him?  Well, here's this for starters: 

"Rio Youers is one of the most vital, most exciting young talents to come along in this decade."

—Peter Straub, New York Times Bestselling Author

In a way I'm a little worried that I'm going a bit "fan boy" and gushing over Rio, but I guess I'm just so enthused to meet someone who has so many of the same feelings about fiction as I do, and the thing is: most of the fiction I wrote when I first started out - even the first stories that were published - were NOT ones I felt were really ME. My evolution as a writer has moved me in a certain direction, and Rio's played a big part in that - both him and his work.

His prose flows.  Smooth to read.  Probably one of the best endorsements comes from one of my 10th Grade Honors students after reading Mama Fish, something along the lines of: 

"It's funny...the story is complicated and deep, and it's not like he used small words or anything...but it's (Mama Fish) so easy to read, he made it EASY to get lost in the story.  His words didn't get in the way."

I mean, what better endorsement is there than that?  I think what I appreciate most about Rio's work is it's determination to never rest on horror conventions...and it's always about LIFE.

What should you read?
Mama FishAbsolutely.  It's like a spooky "Outsiders".

Old Man Scratch.  This is what I've come to think of as trademark Rio: the center of this story is a human drama we can all relate to...but don't forget about that dark thing flickering from the corner of your eye....


I'll be getting his novel, End Times, soon.  I'll let you know what I think, but I'm sure it'll be as fine as everything else he's done... 

Next fine friend to pimp is Bram Stoker Nominated author, Dan Keohane.