Saturday, October 30, 2010

Contributor Copies Arrive...

Just got my contributor copies for the Guideposts collection containing my most recent piece of creative nonfiction (or nonfiction inspirational, whichever you like), "A Chorus".  All these stories are very personal, but this one in particular hits close to home because it's about the time I almost lost my best friend to an awful accident, and literally saw the power of prayer keep him on this Earth.

That's six for six, now - six fiction pieces to six nonfiction pieces. I like the balance.   Keeps me focused on what's important.  Meeting big authors, Stoker Recommendations, things like that - all very heady stuff.  These stories - about my children, about how Abby has supported me in this crazy pursuit of a writing career - they keep me grounded, remind me who I leave behind when I go on Cons.

That, and at this point, I owe my mother-in-law at least two "nice stories" a year for all the things she does for us!

However, I like where these stories take me, what they are - honest tales about how faith has impacted our life, how God has provided for us over the years. They're not about theology, doctrine, any of those things.  The only way I know how to share my faith is through what God has done for our family, how He's take care of us.  I'll leave the theology and doctrine to others much more scholarly than myself, and dogmatic stumping for those who have the time and energy to care about such things.