Sunday, October 24, 2010

Embarking On A Blog Tour and A Goodreads Giveaway

During the month of November, 20-30 bloggers and I are going to embark on an experiment and blog tour myself and Hiram Grange & The Chosen One.  I'm not holding my breath or expecting big things - especially because my initial idea, to see if I could spike a small press novella up Technorati's book rating page, is now defunct because apparently Technorati doesn't rate books anymore.  If any folks out there know of book rating/ranking websites/services you can ping, give me a holler.

Anyway, I'll be around on several blogs: being interviewed, guest posting, or bloggers will be reviewing Hiram Grange and posting the first three chapters.  Also, I'll be running a giveway of three Hiram Grange's through Goodreads during the tour. Basically, to win you must join Goodreads, visit that link (wait a few days) and indicate you want a copy. Goodreads will pick three winners, and I'll send you three copies.

So, at odd times throughout November, I'll post a blog listing all the places that are "touring" Hiram Grange  - in interviews, reviews, ect - and those other posts will also feature all the links touring Hiram.   Back when Technorati still had a book page, all this posting and linking would ping an Amazon URL and boost said book up their Popular Books page (which no longer exists).   Now, it'll just make for a November of Hiram Grange, and I figure you can't go wrong there. Plus, I'm hoping the folks involved will also see some increase in traffic on their blogs.

Okay.  If you want a chance for a free Hiram Grange & The Chosen One, join Goodreads and keep an eye out for the initial post.  If you want to be part of the blog madness during November, and still have a chance to win some cool stuff, drop me a line at: