Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's that time, folks!  (Even though it's snowing, here....)  

Anyway, have fun trick or treating tonight, rent or watch a scary movie later on, have a blast dressing up, and burn those Jack Lanterns brightly! 

Just watch out for the last house on the left, that old creepy manor at the end of the lane, and don't pick up any strange-looking hitchhikers on the way (or run over them, either!)

I have to admit, I wished I'd dressed up this year.  The kids are getting old enough, I think, to really appreciate it, so I think next year we'll have to figure something out.  That, and maybe next year we'll hunt up a haunted house or two...

Tomorrow I'm starting a tour around other folks' blog and websites.  I'll begin at the home of Greg Mitchell, author of the upcoming horror novel The Strange Man, as he kicks things off with an interview.  I'll end things at Apex Publications.  There'll also be a brand new, online short story for you too - which I think you'll all love!

Hope you come along! And Happy Halloween!