Monday, October 4, 2010

My Booklist #6

Got caught up this morning with some things, so here's today's blog, a little late:

1. Currently reading:

Slippin' Into Darkness (Kennsington), by Norman Patridge. This is a new big thing with me; when I discover an author that really HITS me, I go back and start collecting their early works. I loved Dark Harvest, Johnny Halloween and Lesser Demons, so I hit up Norman's first novel on Amazon....and so far, it hasn't disappointed.  It's got that great, terse noir tone, and I like how he's centered the novel so far around a dead girl - how all the characters remember her, how they met her, interacted with her, etc.  This is why every writer should READ as much as possible, should read a wide variety of stories and voices, because of how much you learn.  Any young/newbie writer who says they haven't got enough time to read isn't serious about writing, and that's a fact.

All the Rage, (Tor Books), F. Paul Wilson.  Okay, can I say it again without sounding too gushy? I really, REALLY want my stuff to read like Paul's Repairman Jack novels.  I started this Saturday and I'm already halfway through it.  The pacing is perfect, his sentence structure lean without being terse...and I love the fact that while so many writers are out there trying to create a "mythos" of their own, Paul was busy doing it over ten years ago.  Can't wait to finish and move to the next Repairman Jack gig...

2. Just Finished:

Solitary, (David C. Cook), by Travis Thrasher. Okay, so I'm going to indulge myself here for a moment - you can keep Ted Dekker.  Keep Frank Peretti.  Forget a whole bunch of others.  Travis is the real deal.  This guy can WRITE, and he knows how to create solid, real characters.  I now have TWO favorite CBA (Christian Bookseller Association) authors I'll read at the drop of a hat: T.L. Hines and Travis Thrasher. This is funny, dark, amusing, sarcastic, sad, moving, suspenseful....and like F. Paul Wilson, Travis's prose just keeps you moving.  The "Solitary" series is one I'm going to follow.

3. Just Arrived in the mail:

End Times, (PS Publishing), by Rio Youers It's a ghost story.  Of loss, betrayal, pain, hardship...all the things that make us painfully and wonderfully human...oh, and did I mention ghost story....? I can't wait to start reading this...