Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Booklist #6

1. Currently Reading:

The Exorcist and Legion, (Cemetery Dance Limited Edition), by William Peter Blatty.  Okay.  I mean - WOW.  Somehow along the way, I missed both this movie and the book.  Years of my youth misspent solely in science fiction, I'm afraid.  Anyway, ANYONE of faith who loves horror or loves the essential battle between good and evil HAS to get this, even if you find a used copy somewhere.  Thing is, this Cemetery Dance limited edition has both The Exorcist and its sequel Legion in it, plus an extensive interview with Blatty. I'm about halfway through Exorcist, and it DOES NOT disappoint.  This is real horror, written very, very well - and maybe not such a good thing to read in the house very late at night when no one is around...

End Times, (PS Publishing), by Rio Youers.  Also not disappointing, living up to everything I expected.  Like butter, folks - the prose is like butter, and for those who like their horror/speculative/weird fiction to be rooted in real, tangible foundations - like drug addictions, insecurities, obsessions, emotional trauma, personal weaknesses - this is the stuff for you.

 2. Put on Hold for Now:
Slippin' Into Darkness (Kennsington), by Norman Patridge.  I put this on hold because of increasing schoolwork and review obligations, but that doesn't mean it's of lesser quality.  Sometimes that just happens: books stack up, reviewing obligations loom, or I get excited about something new, and I pick one of my daily books to take a backseat for awhile.  I chose this one, but it was more of an "ennie-meenie-minnie-moe" sort of thing.  I wish I had time to read everything I wanted, RIGHT NOW.  Anyway - someone asked me at my recent Hiram Grange signing how authors avoid (or try to) writing the same stories others have, and my best answer was this: by consuming as many different types of stories possible, and intentionally zooming in on authors who show a penchant for unusual, out of the ordinary stories.  This is certainly one of those stories and Norm is one of those authors, so this will get finished, I promise you.

3. On the Pile, Waiting:

Riding the Bullet, (Special Graphic Edition, Cemetery Dance), by Stephen King.  I never read the novella or saw the movie, so this is going to be fun, fun, fun.  I've devoured most of everything Stephen King's written, but there are few things out there I've always wanted to read, but didn't, just waited...sort of like depositing a bond in the bank and letting it age and mature.  This looks like a lot of fun, and the artwork looks stunning!