Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Stuff: Stoker Dreams, Shroud's Halloween Issue, Friday's Signing of Hiram, The Drift, New Review of Hiram

So, this is a midweek blog with some updates, ramblings, reviews, and...well...


I'll fess up.

My blog tank is dry today, and I don't want to pimp another author friend until Friday, so here's some random bits and pieces to mull over if you're all bored enough....

1. Newest review of Hiram Grange & The Chosen One at the Swamp Dweller Dark Fiction Reviews.  Here's my favorite bit:

"This book is Kevin Lucia’s first. With Hiram Grange and the Chosen One, he sets himself firmly in place as an author to watch out for. The Chosen One is a riveting and enthralling read."

2. This Friday is my first local signing for Hiram Grange, over at River Reads Book Store in Binghamton, New York.  I'm especially excited because it wasn't something I set up myself.  A friend mentioned Hiram to the book store's owner, and she offered to hold a signing for me.  Whatever happens, it should be a good time.  Hey, at least my wife will be there.  I think.

3.  I've got multiple fires in the iron.  Not that anyone is really keeping track.  I've started my third draft of The Drift, and what began life as my Creative Writing MA thesis - a very moody, moving literary piece about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - is finally looking like an ACTUAL story.  And of course, I have another novel idea to start soon as I'm finished with this one.

I've also been solicited for two short stories from separate sources much higher up the food chain than ever before.  Both projects have editors but no publishers yet, so we'll see.  The first is a VERY experimental, nonlinear pieceNot sure if I  can pull it off.  We'll see.

4. Shroud's Halloween issue, edited by moi, is finally - almost - in the bag.  Can't show the cover or TOC yet, but here's one of Danny Evart's woodcuts to wet your appetite:

Pretty tasty, right?  I think it's going to turn out pretty nicely.  Soon, my friends.  Soon.

5. I'm very shocked - humbled - amazed - that Hiram Grange & The Chosen One has received a smattering of Stoker Recommendations in the "Long Fiction" category. Now - we won't get into a tizzy about this.  The controversy and bickering over whether a Stoker actually means anything and if the HWA is a defunct organization or not is pretty old, at this point.  Bottom line: awards are cool.  If I get one because people dug what I wrote, that's even cooler. I won't do the whole "I'll trade a Stoker Rec for your Stoker  Rec", or beg folks for Recs.  What happens happens, and that's it.

Obviously, if I'm nominated, I WON'T say this:

"Umm, sorry, but on ethical grounds concerning the real value of a Stoker I must decline my nomination."

DUH!  I will squeal - just a little bit - and then strap myself to the belly of jet plane to get to Austin, Texas for World Horror if I have to.  The chances are pretty slim, though (like that's gonna stop me from dreaming) so I'm not worrying about it too much.

6. Oh, and because I'm so very bored and so out of blog topics, here's Danny and I at Context 23:

Obviously, we need therapy.  Badly.