Friday, October 22, 2010

Should I Make A Shelfari "Kevin Lucia" Group? and Book Blog Tours

SO, I had this idea about a book blog tour for Hiram Grange & The Chose One.  An experiment, really.  A few years ago, I reviewed for a few book blog groups that picked a certain time of the week/month, blogged for three days consecutively about a book, always posting that book's Amazon URL so it'd "ping" Technorati's "Popular Book" list, moving it higher up the rankings, giving it more visibility.  I thought, "Hmm.  Wonder if we could do that for a small press novella?"

Sadly, Technorati no longer features its "Popular Book" list, and its book blog lists look too diffused and sprawling to feature anything I'd do with a tour.  Still, I had a really nice response from my query, so I'm going to do something this coming November.  Call it the "Month of Kevin".  I mean, why not?  At the end of November you roast a big turkey, and according to everyone I know and love, I'm....

Well.  You get the idea.

Anyway, there's a bunch of semi-formed ideas floating around in my head, but basically my thoughts are this...I'd love to get a bunch of blogs featuring Hiram Grange and...well... me...for the month of November.   You could do this in a few ways.  First of all, I've got tons of stuff I can  send you to post:  blurbs, an interview, other reviews, a synopsis, 1-3 chapters - either as text in your post or as a .pdf, other things.  I can send you a review .pdf or the real deal for your own review.  You can do your own interview with ME, if you'd like. If you don't have a blog, your Myspace blog or Facebook notes will do.

I don't have a set idea how many times a week I'd want to be featured.   I blog three times a week. I certainly don't want to hijack anyone's blog for a whole month.  AND, though all you folks have been really gracious in saying you won't take anything from ME, I've decided I'll give out some free stuff for a few different categories:

1. most posts total
2. most posts in one week
3. most creative posts

Plus, for the whole month of November, whenever I post, I'll post all the links of those people involved, and if those folks who are posting can ALSO post all the links of everyone involved, then you get this big huge whirlygig of interwebz fun.  Lots of traffic.

Now.  A word about marketing.  Word of mouth.  I'm a big fan.  But I also believe that if the quality isn't there, none of the above matters.  Heck, sometimes quality is there, word of mouth is too, and still things don't take off the way they should.  Anyway.  There are several reasons why I'm doing this:

1. experimenting for my first novel, which will be published by Shroud sometime 2011.  There are other, MUCH BIGGER ideas I'm keeping to myself.  This one is smaller, and needs tinkering.

2. Stoker Recommendations are happening.  Hiram Grange has already received a few recommendations.  It's ludicrous to believe it could be nominated, and I'm ludicrous that way.  BUT, I'm not into "trading" recommendations or begging HWA people to recommend it.

HOWEVER, one of the tips on the HWA page recommends (ironic) that those who want their work recommended should try and get it reviewed multiple places, build up a buzz, so then folks in a position to recommend it will have a natural inclination born of natural curiosity to check it out. So. Here's the buzz.

3. I'm basically bored and have very little in the way of a life, and I like to "tinker".  Makes me feel busy.

I'll have some RL (real life) ideas for contributing during the "Month of Kevin" over my next few blog posts, so those who are fans of the family and personal stuff, bear with me as I indulge in a little self-pimpage.  We have several doctors/teachers appointments coming up for Zack's recent sleeping difficulties, so I'll have plenty of that stuff soon, also.

Finally, I want to tie this into my Shelfari account and my Shelfari Author Page.  Also, I'm wondering...should I make a "Kevin Lucia" Shelfari Group?  Is that  too presumptuous? I don't want to make a Facebook fan page yet - I kinda loathe those things as it is, and that would feel too contradictory right now - but maybe a Shelfari "Kevin Lucia" group?  Is that too much?  Please - discuss.  And  if you haven't thrown in already:  YH84MTRVUV2T