Monday, November 29, 2010

My Booklist #8

1. Currently Reading:The Haunted Air, by F. Paul Wilson. So I'm currently on a Repairman Jack kick. I sorta regret not having discovered Repairman Jack earlier, but it's been cool being able to read them back to back, without having to wait for the next installment. Also, it's a little like when I finally discovered Stephen King's Dark Tower series, and I spent several years hunting down all the mythos connections before he finished the whole thing. Said it once and I'll say it again, I'm a sucker for a mythos.

2. Recently finished:

Slippin' Into Darkness, by Norman Partridge. This was, quite simply, one of the more original novels I've read in quite some time. Again, gotta love Partridge's terse, tight narrative, and I like how he balanced the line here: very faint supernatural elements, but really, the only "haunts" in this novel are memories that dog all of the characters. Partridge continues to take me new places, and this is a good thing.

Symphony, by Charles Grant. FINALLY! I've loved Grant's prose and subtle horror ever since I discovered it this summer, but one thing that I've hard a time with: his endings. I can deal with edgy stories that are realistic and not necessarily "happy"; I have a tough time with nihilistic, "there is no point to anything; we're all gonna die anyway" endings, and so far that's all Grant's work has offered. This one, however, had characters I could really root for - especially Rev. Chilsom - and an ending I could root for, too.

3. On pause:
Romeo & Juliet & Vampires, by Claudia Gabel. As it often happens, with all the reading I do at school, sometimes I pick up books, start them, put them down for awhile, then come back them later. That happened here, but not because of poor quality. There's lot's to be said and debated about literary mash-ups and if they're a valid literary form, but so far this is has been pretty fun. Gabel has already proven herself a quality storyteller, and in this case she's rewritten Romeo & Juliet, not simply added in vampires.

Swan Song, by Robert McCammon. Another book on pause I'll come back to. A nuclear-age, apocalyptic tale a lot like Stephen King's The Stand - but better, in some ways - it's a huge, epic tale that I guess I'm not in the mood for right now. I imagine I'll come back to this over Christmas break, when I can knock off a bunch of hours while reading it.

4. Just finished, B:

Hosts, by F. Paul Wilson. Like I said - big Repairman Jack kick. I used to think my favorite reoccurring character was King's Roland the Gunslinger, or Butcher's Harry Dresden. Harry is still a biggie, but Jack is just the best. He seems so well-rounded, and Paul Wilson has set up a universe in which Jack can experience almost any kind of genre-adventure...but he's a regular guy. He really is. Love it, love it, love it!