Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Tour Update

So far the blog tour has gone pretty well.  Initially, I wanted to play with some experience I'd gained as a reviewer on several other blog tours.  Back then, those tours all blogged about a particular book, they registered with Technorati, posted an Amazon URL, and Technorati featured a service called "Popular Books" which rated the most blogged about books on the interwebz.

The goal of those blog tours?  To blog about a certain book or a new release for a concentrated burst and push said book up the ranking of Technorati's Popular Books.  Some of the past tours I worked on pushed the book all the way to number one for three or four days straight, even past such hot tickets as Harry Potter and Eragon.  I thought it'd be interesting to see if I could push a small press release up Technorati's list.

As it turned out, though, Technorati discontinued or put on hold their Popular Books List, so the central part of my tour plan was skunked.  However, so many bloggers responded with not only interest but enthusiasm, I expanded the tour to a whole month, kicked off the Hiram Goodreads Giveway, and said: "What the heck?  Let's experiment and have some fun."

Anyway, we're about halfway through the tour, and what's been accomplished past some nice new reviews and interviews?  Who knows, really?  Definitely a bunch of new Facebook and Twitter friends, and some new blog followers.   The reviewers have indicated they really enjoyed Hiram, so that's been cool.  In the end if that's all I accomplished, that's good enough for me.  Any case, only about two more weeks of "Hiram pimping", and things will go back to their regularly scheduled programming.

Here are all the stops I've made so far.  Amazingly enough, all the interviews - past and future, unposted ones - have touched on completely different topics, so there's been very little crossover or repetition:

Interview at author Greg Mitchell's blog, Part One and Part Two.
Interview and bloody good tea at author Jackie Gamber's Tea on the Terrace.
Review at Serial Distractions
Interview at writer and reviewer Ben Eads' blog, Part One and Part Two, as well as his review.
Review by Martin Rose.
Review at The Event Horizon

Monday and Tuesday Swampdweller Reviews will feature another interview with me, I'll be guest blogging at Apex and Flames Rising, there'll be some more reviews, and hopefully a few other special surprises in store.  Anyway, if you've followed - thanks!  If not, come join the fun...