Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Free E-Comic and Friends From Back In The Day

Some years ago, five or six friends (several absent from this picture), used to spend their summer weekends messing around on Otsego Lake in Cooperstown, New York.   They water-skied, they cooked way too much meat, drank some beer, lay on the dock, and pretty much wasted the days away.  Read more in detail about their experiences here.

One of the friends dreamed of becoming a writer.  Now, back then he felt bound and determined to be the next Issac Asimov.  Raised during the Star Wars years, exposed to Tron (a pre-Matrix Matrix for all you youngsters), gifted box sets of original Star Trek five year mission novels by his parents, this college student's head was in the stars, and he believed he'd be the next big thing in science fiction and fantasy.   That's all he wrote, read, or watched in the theater.

However, in the summer of 1996 this guy encountered something up in Cooperstown that shifted his perspective.  Suddenly, his creative juices churned over things that hid deep in the dark woods, old abandoned houses and gothic relics, a few of which he saw every weekend as he and his friends boated all over Lake Otsego.  

At first he tried to make this new creative desire fit the old science fiction mold - maybe some aliens crash-landed in the forest - but he couldn't do it.  He realized he was far more interested in the dark corners that lurked here on earth than he was the deep reaches of space.  This was all due, in part, to an old abandoned  Victorian farmhouse in the middle of a field.

Several trips were made to this house, over the course of two or three years, and while nothing too awful happened, some things a bit out of the ordinary did.  Or at least, these guys found evidence of that.  Anyway, safe to say after finding this place, the science fiction writer guy had changed genres forever. 

Now, that writer guy still hasn't hit it big like he dreamed of doing all those years ago, lying on the dock with his best friends.  He promised them, though, that he'd write about that house.  Make up a real good story about it.  And he did write several bad ones that never saw the light of day.  One or two pretty good ones are still doing the rounds, not having found a home yet.

However, one pathetically small peek of this house did find a home in Northern Haunts, a flash fiction anthology of fireside ghost stories.  He had to set it in the Maine area to fit the anthology,  but it's still about that house.  Eventually, with the help of artist and writer Corey Clubb and artist Mike Brunt, he put together a simple little e-comic as a wedding gift for one those friends.  Below is that e-comic.  It's an early work, maybe a little contrived and hokey, but it's fun and free.  Just click in the cover and open it up.  Enjoy!