Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Amazon Review of "Hiram Grange & The Chosen One"

New Amazon review for Hiram:

"All I can say is,  Wow.

I don't know how Kevin Lucia did it, but he managed to take a man who is unattractive bordering on disgusting looking who has the temperament of a rattlesnake and consumes alcohol at a dizzying rate and make me wind up really loving him as a protagonist. There is much more to Hiram Grange than his greasy long hair, his huge hawk nose, his ill-fitting suit, his skinny frame. He is, deep down where he lives, honorable and will stop at nothing to keep the world and its inhabitants safe. So what's not to love?

The book was a page turner from start to finish and I'd have finished it in a single sitting but for the fact that I work nights and am pretty exhausted by the time I fall into bed to read until I go to sleep (which hasn't taken long lately). Lucia's writing style is what I like to call, "approachable friendly," which is the best style to have, as it draws the reader in immediately--or in Hiram's case, grabs the reader by the throat and threatens him with a pistol.

Get ready for tentacles, psycho Faerie, exploding people, creatures from the Abyss, and yet another Hiram Grange assignment that only he can execute with success.

It was a great ride and I was sorry to turn the final page." - Linda Lightfoot, Amazon Reviewer

Nice to come home to before nap time...