Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Review of Hiram, Interview at Monster Librarian

My favorite bit from this one:

"It can be tough to fight real demons when your inner demons are doing a fine job of beating you down. Hiram is a very flawed man, and it is those flaws that make his heroism that much greater. Kevin Lucia grasps this concept and runs with it. His writing is clear and focused, bringing new depths to the character, and his monsters, steeped in Lovecraftian tradition, ooze with menace. Why are tentacles always so creepy?  While Lucia doesn't answer that particular question, he does create a fast-paced, magic-drenched, and tragic new chapter in the Hiram Grange mythos."

Read the rest of the review here.

And here's another interview in the blog tour, also with Monster Librarian.  It's been pretty fortunate that all these interviews have asked LOTS of different questions.

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