Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Review!

As part of the November Blog Tour, here's another new review of Hiram Grange.   The best parts:

"First and foremost, this adventure is a lot of fun.  There is non-stop action seasoned with Lovecraftian chills, forming a page-turning final product that satisfies.  Lucia’s pacing is tight and his writing descriptive, though sometimes a little repetitive.  Nevertheless, each chapter leaves you wanting to see what happens next.  And that, as my inner Neil Gaiman says, is what it’s all about."

And there is this, too, because this tells me that some folks really GOT what I was doing with Hiram:

"In this installment you see less of Hiram’s perverse pleasures, the outlets he pursues to release the darkness in his soul, and more of his pain."

Read the full review.

Near the end of the tour I'll be swapping blog time with author of Hiram Grange & The Nymphs of Krakow, Richard Wright...and this is what my topic's going to be about.  I don't really think I locked into Hiram until started contemplating how tortured he really must be, and until that point...I didn't even think I could write him.  At all.

Anyway...don't forget about the Goodreads Giveaway.  Gotta be a member, but after that... just click 'Enter'....