Friday, November 19, 2010

An Unexpected Writing Pleasure

I write for many reasons, but sometimes it's the unexpected returns that get me.  One of those unexpected returns is the realization that not only do I have lots of great made-up stories to tell, but I also have lots of stories about my life and the lives of those around me to tell.

Recently I wrote a story for a continuing Guideposts series on the power of prayer,  about an accident a dear friend of mine suffered, an accident I truly believe he survived because of the prayer of others.  When the contributor copies arrived, I figured my friend's parents - also close friends of the family - would like a copy, so I sent one out.

This is from the 'thank you' letter they sent back to me:

"Through your story, we were able to relive this experience and be reminded that in many ways what ***** endured was a gift to all of us.  You have allowed others to experience your very personal lesson learned and we are most grateful."

I have to admit, of all my writing goals, touching others through nonfiction is one of the most unplanned and perhaps most satisfying ones of all.  Not everyone likes the spooky, dark, fantastic and often bizarre stuff I love to write, so to be able to reach a completely different audience through my writing - by telling our LIVES through stories - is very fulfilling, and it makes sense, really: LIFE is the grandest story of all, and hey, if there's one thing I love doing more than anything else...

It's telling stories. It's what I was made for.

Of course, I'd never be able to stop telling the bizarre, dark fantastic stories, either.  That's ALSO what I was made for.  Speaking of that, better get moving on Santa's Headshot Christmas... 

'Tis the season, and all that.