Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winners of Hiram Grange Giveaway, Blog Tour Reflections

First off, I'd like to congratulate Jeff of California, Kenneth of Virginia, and Dixie of Georgia.  Goodreads has selected you as winners, so you'll soon be getting free copies of Hiram Grange & The Chosen One in the mail. Kudos! 

However, that's not all.  Because I like to give stuff away, (it's a compulsion, actually), I'm also going to throw in copies of The Midnight Diner, Volume Three - featuring my story, "Lonely Places" - and Abominations: 17 Tales of Murderous Monsters, which features my story "Water God of Clarke Street".  So, Christmas has come early for you folks.  Hope you enjoy the goodies.

So, the blog tour is done.  For a list of the all places I toured, go here.  Now...what's next?  What are my thoughts on the tour, about what I might have accomplished?

Mixed feelings.  First of all, my original tour idea - to ping Technorati's "Popular Books" Page (which no longer exists), see if I could drive a small press novella up the ranks was a bust from the beginning.  But with the overwhelming response from bloggers who wanted to throw their collective shoulders behind the idea, I went ahead anyway. 

And, it turned out to be pretty fun.  I enjoyed writing some of those different guest posts and answering a whole bunch of interview questions that somehow - amazingly enough - managed to touch on many different topics without much overlap.  Some nice reviews came back, and I wrote some new short fiction.  I hope things didn't get too "over pimpy", as I tried to maintain my regular blog presence, as well.

Did it impact sales? Not much, I imagine.  Did it help spread the word about Hiram and me?  Maybe. I did get a whole slew of new Twitter and Facebook friends during the tour, far more than I usually get in a month. Will that translate into new fans of my work, new blog followers? Who knows, really?

Probably the nicest thing about the tour, the biggest surprise and best result was this: all the folks who chimed in and basically said with their efforts: "Hey, Kevin - we like your work and we think it's worth supporting. How can we help?"  That was probably the best takeaway, and something that really made my day for a whole month, seeing folks cross-posting, re-tweeting and posting things to Facebook.  

Some folks even did RL (real life) things like ordering Hiram Grange for their libraries, (something I'll detail about later, after I've resumed my regular blogging), set me up with potential speaking and signing gigs in the area, stuff like that.  I'm thankful for that, thankful for all of it, really.

Now, however...

Time to drop off the promotional radar.  There are a few reviews and interviews leftover from the tour that'll show up eventually, a few other reviews that had nothing to do with the tour due anytime, but what I really need to do now is let Hiram Grange go his way, and have me go mine.   I have a huge opportunity with these three chapters and novel synopsis, an opportunity that's basically a Godsend.  

A chance to pitch something to a New York publishing house. That's a whole 'nother level of awesome, so you can imagine I'll be pretty obsessed with that over the coming weeks and months.

Also, I have The Drift (Shroud novel) to return to, and in the Spring - The Terror of Miskatonic Falls.  Also, a few stories requested of me, and when I get final due dates on those, I need to get cranking there, too.

Busy, busy, busy....