Thursday, February 3, 2011

On Being A Lazy Blogger, Ripping Off Advice From Others, and Another Review

First, writer and blogger Durant Haire weighs in on Hiram Grange & The Chosen One.

Second....been a bit of a lazy blogger lately.  Mostly because I'm tired and don't have a lot on my mind.  There've been several topics I could've forced, ideas about writing or what I'm reading about...but the kids have been sick, Abby's been sick, and I've just had zero motivation to share anything on my blog.  For those of you who read it, I humbly apologize.

Third, maybe you've noticed me reposting a lot of blogs lately from other authors giving advice about the publishing world.  I'm not trying to use their blogs to make up for my not blogging, honestly.  I've simply reached a threshold: I've come to realize how little I know about the writing market and about publishing in general, and I've also realized that a lot of my pithy writing "plans" ain't what they're cracked up to be.  They're based on groupthink, opinions of those equal to or lesser than me, settling for less, and maybe even misinformation (not willful, though. Mostly short-sighted misinformation). 

I want to be more informed about the publishing world.  I want to make informed decisions.  I no longer want to listen to advice given by people equal to me or lesser, even.  And I have no real good advice of my own to give, because I'm just trying to figure this thing out for myself.  

Also, I've come to believe my own goals are too small, narrow, and....timid.  And impatient.  I've got to open myself to more rejection (ie. submitting to more pro short story markets) and make myself WAIT for what I really want.  

Less is now more.  I'd rather wait three or four years to see a midlist/New York publishing deal than publish four small press novels that will take a lot of time, energy, blood and sweat to write - and will have limited readership and may not even be very good, because I'm rushing too fast and settling for less.  And if I never see that New York deal in three, four years?  Two things.  Maybe then I'll look to the small press.

Or maybe I'll just wait longer.