Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boycotting Dorchester Publishing/Leisure

I'm still pretty new to this game.  Know a lot more about the publishing industry than I used to, which is very little compared to what I have left to learn.  One thing I have learned is this: trust and honor and ethics are precious commodities anywhere, but nowhere are they more precious right now than in the publishing world, during such a time of dramatic transition.   Shroud Publishing may be small press, but if it's one thing I've learned with great certainity in the past few years...I can trust Tim Deal and Co. completely.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Leisure Fiction and Dorchester Publishing.  For all the details see Brian Keene's blog.  Basically, they haven't paid authors their dues - many of these folks full time authors - and they're selling their work without permission. Violating rights. And apparently scheming to tie up even more authors' right for who knows how many years.

I had some dreams of submitting to Leisure, once upon a time. Sad to see the publishing company that revived the horror genre come to this state.  If Leisure can "man up" and do the right thing, maybe they can be saved.  If not, however....

What needs to be done will be done.