Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Interview at Ginger Nuts of Horror: Hiram Grange, My Favorite Writers, Miskatonic Falls, Ebooks, My Future

I wasn't sure, really, WHAT a ginger nut was at first.  It sounded vaugely naughty.  I googled it, however, and apparently they're types of ginger bisquit cookies, which I realized I'd had before, they just hadn't been called that.

Anyway, I've been interviewed by Ginger Nuts of Horror.  If you're free - don't have to wash or comb your hair, feed your cat, or pry your eye out with spoon - spin on over.  I talked about the usual: Hiram Grange, my favorite writers,  the upcoming poetry/prose/graphic novel The Terror at Miskatonic Falls, ebooks and the future, and where I see myself heading.