Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Return of the Morning Writer's WebCam

Before any of my work saw publication, I blogged quite a bit, early in the morning, usually about whatever random topic floated off the top of my frenzied little mind.  Because of this, I usually took an "Early Morning Writer's Web Cam" shot for each blog.

Maybe it's just because I'm bored, feeling a little silly, but I've decided to bring the AM WriterCam back.  Just felt like doing something fun or silly or just weird each morning to loosen up before I hop on the writing train.  When I uploaded some old WebCam shots to Facebook, writer and blogger Cory Clubb offered the following comment about my Web Shots:

"Somehow I hear the voice of Rod Serling in the distance..."

...and I kinda spit this out in response, which for some reason or other, tickled my fancy.  Enjoy.

"A man named Kevin Lucia, a writer whose dreams are bound in the power of story and fueled by caffeine and a never-ending desire to write pretty, pretty words. 

He rises before dawn and pushes himself past the limits of common sense and all that is normal, but what happens when such a man drinks one too many energy drinks?

Today, determined to write the bestest story ever, Kevin Lucia will drink one too many energy drinks, and when he wearily puts his pen down and lays his BIC white-tape dispenser aside, he'll find that he's gone too far, and has written himself straight into...the Twilight Zone."