Thursday, June 2, 2011

Too Long For A Facebook Update

So, the conversation goes something like this when Madi picks up my plush Cthulhu, who made his notorious first appearance on the Writer's AM WebCam this morning....

Madi: What's this, Daddy?

Me:  That's Cthulhu, sweetie.  An Ancient god of chaos and madness.

Madi:  What's he do?

Me: Uh....spreads chaos and makes people go mad.

Madi:  What's those things on his face?

Me:  Tentacles.

Madi:  And howcum his eyes are red and black?

Me: Cause he's a monster.  Monsters have red and black eyes.

Madi:  Look, Daddy! He's got wings like a dragon.  Is a dragon, Daddy?

Me: Sorta.  I guess so.

Madi:  He looks like a dragon.  He's all green too, and it looks like he has scales, like a dinosaur.  Could he be a dinosaur, Daddy?

Me:  Well, he is really old.

Madi:  Older than dinosaurs, even?

Me: Yep.  Older than dinosaurs.

Madi:  Hmmm. I know!  He's got tentacles on his face like an octopus, wings like a dragon, scales like a dinosaur and arms and legs like a human.  He's a human-octopus-dinosaur-dragon!

Me: Yep.  That sounds about right.

Madi: You know who he looks like?  The Oncler, from the Lorax.  He's green, and so is the Oncler. Could he be the Oncler, too?

Me: Maybe, Madi.  Maybe....

There you go.  Unspeakable horror, as described by my six year old...