Friday, July 15, 2011

Ten Authors I'd Like to Meet. What about you?

Author Mike Duran is playing this game on his blog.  I commented, then posted here.  Go over to his blog and play along, or play along here! 

Norman Partridge - Writes whatever he wants. Period.  Crime.  Horror.  Noir.  Dark fantasy.  And he's given lots of great advice  this past year.

Ray Bradbury – I spoke with his agent once. That was the closest I got.

Stephen King – I did, however, meet his son Joe Hill. Wonderful guy. Very funny, very relaxed and humble.

Dean Koontz – For all the obvious reasons.

Neil Gaiman –  Just love his work.

T. L. Hines - Tony was one of the first authors I ever approached for advice, so I’d love to meet him. Love his work, too.

Robert Liparulo - Ditto.

Peter Straub - Spoke to him on a radio show once. Would love to meet him, would probably act like an idiot.

Robert McCammon - Would like to shake his hand and say: “THANK YOU for Boy’s Life."

Travis Thrasher - Love his work, and he just seems like a great guy. Also seems like we might share a similar sense of humor.

T. M. Wright - Love his “quiet horror”, and he seems like a wonderful person.

Would love to put Charles Grant, but he’s passed on, so…maybe in another place...