Friday, September 9, 2011

Donate Books to Help MacArthur Elementary With Flood Losses - Please Read and Share!

Beginning Tuesday night and lasting through until Wednesday night, a huge storm smacked the Northeast from York, PA all the way to Delaware, to Sidney, NY....plenty other places.  Rivers swelled and rose to historic flood levels, roads have been washed away, cities and towns and businesses flooded to their ceilings.  In Broome County alone, nearly 20,000 people were evacuated from their homes.  The destruction and loss - not even close to being counted up, at this point - is sure to be wide-spread and devastating.

Myself and lots of others are lucky - we live high above the water out in the country, so we fared okay.  But so many others are facing the destruction of their homes and their very way of life.  For many, things will never be the same, ever again. 

Fortunately, there've been no reported deaths, as of yet.  The warnings were very accurate, ahead of time and prompt.  As can be expected, local relief efforts are already underway, several kick-starting from Facebook pages, such as Binghamton Rocks 4 Flood Relief and the Binghamton Flood - community support page

One effort in particular readers of this blog might be interested helping out in, something very easy and - in my opinion - very important is extending a helping hand to MacArthur Elementary School, a sizable school in Vestal, New York. A Pre-K to 5th grade school, they were COMPLETELY flooded out and lost everything.   Including EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK.  In all the first floor classrooms and the main library.  No books. 


And, very likely, other schools in the area have suffered similar fates.

Currently, a collection is being taken of suitable Pre-K through 5th books to help replace MacArthur's losses.  I'm sure other schools will be in need too, but for right now, donations to MacArthur can be mailed to a MacArthur teacher at:

PO Box 198
Whitney Point, NY 13862

We've already sifted through Madi's books, and she helped pick out some to donate.  If you happen to have some books taking up space in a box or basement or closet somewhere, just pack them and ship them.  It'd be much appreciated, I'm sure, and would go a long way towards helping them replace their collection.