Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free Books An' Stuff: Coffin Hop 2011

So, in the spirit of all things spooky and Halloween, this year I'll be participating in the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour.  This whole week, until Halloween Day, over 90 horror authors will be promoting and Facebooking and Tweeting and what-not about the Coffin Hop.  EVERYONE is going to be giving away prizes from their blogs, so it's going to be a great chance to win some free horror/Halloween goodness. 

And here, my friends, the gifts are going to be bounteous, indeed.  Every day this week until Halloween, I'll blog about Halloween, horror-related stuff: favorite Halloween memories, books, movies...etc.  There will be several ways of winning.  First, the easy, non-effort requiring method of registering to win:

1. Enter my Goodreads Giveaway for a signed copy of Hiram Grange & The Chosen One: (not approved yet, but will be shortly)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Hiram Grange and the Chosen One by Kevin Lucia

Hiram Grange and the Chosen One

by Kevin Lucia

Giveaway ends October 31, 2011.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win
2. I'm going to have daily "competitions" here on my blog, with a winner each day.  The prizes - books - are going to range from the following:

He Stepped Through, (Bloodletting Press), by Nate Southard

Five Strokes To Midnight, (Haunted Pelican Press), by Tom Piccirilli, Gary Braunbeck, Deborah LeBlanc, Hank Schwaeble, Christopher Golden

Riding the Bullet: A Mick Garris Screenplay (Lonely Road Books - ARC), by Stephen King and Mick Garris

The Exorcist & Legion, (Cemetery Dance ARC), by William Peter Blatty 

The Cage, (Cemetery Dance), by Brian Keene & The Last Zombie, (Arctic Press), by Brian Keene, Issue #1

Waiting for October, (Dark Arts Books), by Jeff Strand, Adam Pepper, Sarah Pinborough, Jeffery Thomas

The Secret Back of Things, (Cemetery Dance ARC), by Christopher Golden

Now, what if (odder things have happened) folks would rather have the chance to win something written by me?  That's easy enough.  For these daily contests, the winner can swap any of these prizes out for my novella, an installment in Shroud Publishing's Hiram Grange Chronicles, Hiram Grange & The Chosen One, plus I'll throw in a free copy of something else of mine, too.

The winners are going to be posted, I believe, on the Coffin Hop blog November 1st.   A note to Coffin Hop participants: unless I absolutely get no other posters, no repeat gifts.  So you're welcome to enter multiple days, because the winners won't be announced until November 1st, but unless I have a day in which a previous winner is the ONLY entry, then only one prize per "customer", and no repeat winners.

So.  Shall we begin with best, favorite, most memorable, coolest Halloween memories, tomorrow?  Up for grabs:  He Stepped Through, (Bloodletting Press), by Nate Southard, or you can always swap out for Hiram Grange.

Hop away....