Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Hiram Grange Thanksgiving...

I had a really meaningful Thanksgiving post planned,  but things have been so  busy, I'll probably do it next week.  Mostly, it was about being thankful for stuff (gee, really?), but about being thankful for HARD stuff, stuff we don't necessarily like, not just being thankful for easy stuff.

That having been said, before I head down to the BatCave to light the fire and rattle the keys, I'll share this little snippet, just another log on the fire, to help keep those flames roaring.  Now, it's conceivable I might actually write and publish something else that will get reviewed someday, and Hiram Grange & The Chosen One's street date has long since passed, but it's nice to run across little blurbs about it here and there.  Saw this Hiram review on Goodreads the other day:

"This book drew me in from the first page. Characters were well-developed and the story was full of action and vivid-details. I'll never look at maggots the same way again!"

There you go, folks.  That's me.  Busting long-held stereotypes of maggots since 2010.  And hey, if you pick up a copy today, it should arrive by Christmas! 

Otherwise, enjoy your turkey and stuffing, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!