Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm tired, but....

...but I'm up.  Luckily, I'm in the editing/typing phase, which is much easier to do this early in the morning.  I won't have to actually "write" from a blank slate for quite some time, which is good. Got a lot of typing to do before then.

Which is the part of the writing process I like the most, actually.  The initial writing is a very ambivalent sort of thing.  It's in my head and I have to get it down or I'll go nuts - I have to write SOMETHING every day, or I'll go nuts - but I don't always LIKE what I write.  Lots of times, those first handwritten drafts are just meh.

But when I start editing my work, stripping away all the fat and finding the story inside, THAT's when I really get a kick out of it.  When I really enjoy what I'm doing, when I really feel like a writer.

Of course, the morning has become "my time"  now, period.  After getting up this early for about 5 or 6 years, I can't write past 11 AM in the morning.  As weird as it sounds, it's gotta be written before then, or it's not happening.

Anyway.  Just some tired ramblings before I scarf some food down and get to work....