Saturday, January 21, 2012

Phillip Tomasso: Suspense Novelist: On Writing . . . I Suppose

Phil Tomasso is a kindred spirit to me in many ways. He and I share the same feelings about not personally liking to read the digital format itself, but understanding the necessity of writers taking advantage of this new venue. Anyway, you should follow his blog. You should read his books. His writing is fun, fast, furious, and entertaining. If you're into faith-oriented fiction, you should read his only foray into that venue, The Molech Prophecy, under his pen name Thomas Phillips.

Most of all, Phil is STILL writing. He's suffered some ups and downs in his career, is trying to climb back in the saddle, but at this point, he's motivating by the purest of all motives: the writing itself.

Phillip Tomasso: Suspense Novelist: On Writing . . . I Suppose: I don't know. Been having a rough time with writing. Not the actual writing part. But watching everything change in the publishing world. No...