Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Post Run Blog #1

I'm back running again.  Was running pretty frequently about a year ago, until a variety of things forced me to quit for awhile. But, starting today, I'm back on the horse, running at least once or twice a week.

And I love it.  Which is ironic, because I've got bad feet.  Collapsed arches. And I feel a moderate amount of pain every single day when I walk.  Thing is, my feet have hurt since high school.  

Through four years of football, basketball and track.  And through four years of college basketball.  And then many?....ten years of pickup basketball, men's leagues, mowing the lawn, etc.

And I'm used to it. Hurting feet means working out. Being in shape.  Active and fit, and running.   

And I love it.

Not sure if this healthy or not.  But the pain is always there, and I just deal. 

Because I've come to love running.

In our darkened high school gym.  Jamming to the tunes.  Shadow-boxing every other lap. Not kidding myself, won't be entering any marathon's any time soon.  I run to keep in shape, but also to zone-out, to try and beat down all the stuff brewing inside me that needs beating down.

It can be a spiritual experience. So I'm hoping to start a series of post-running blogs.  As everything around here, we'll throw that against the wall and see if it sticks.

Today was my first day back running in over a year. 20 laps, no stopping, a wind-down walk lap at the end, and then a "gut-check" sprint lap.  Again, I'm not kidding myself.  Not a marathon runner, here.  But halfway through, I sorta lost count how many laps I'd run. And didn't feel like stopping any time soon.

That's never a bad thing...