Friday, May 18, 2012

For Your Consideration; My Paper On Postmodern Horror Cinema

So, that's it and that's all.  My paper - "An Examination of Postmodern Horror Cinema" - has been emailed in.  For now, at least - hopefully, or a very long time - I am done with graduate school.

And I've decided to post my paper here, for anyone interested.  During the writing of this, I'd actually entertained thoughts of trying to publish it somewhere.  Eventually, however, I decided against it, for the following reasons -

If I'm a relative nobody in the world of horror fiction, I'm an ABSOLUTE nobody in the world of horror cinema.  I chose this topic because it was a great opportunity to write about something that interests me.  But, as I've admitted several times on my blog, I'm no horror movie aficionado.  

 So, while I now feel like a I know a whole lot more about horror cinema and postmodernism and postmodern horror cinema than I knew before, I'm in no way an authority on the matter.  This essay was more of an exercise in exploration and discovery.  WAY more people out there far more experienced than I am in horror cinema, so I could never pretend I'm in any way, any type of authority.

Also - because this was more me trying to understand postmodernism and postmodern horror cinema better - this paper is a bit derivative.  Yeah, I advance a few ideas and opinions of my own, but it's not like I'm making a grand statement about horror cinema no one else has ever made before.  So it doesn't seem to make much sense, trying to get it published somewhere. Of course, if anyone is ever interested in a re-tooled, shortened version, I wouldn't hesitate.  But I'm not going to submit this anywhere, fooling myself I'm saying anything worthwhile or "new".

So, since I'm not concerned about copyright, I offer it here to you.  To read and share at your leisure.  Just click the following Google Docs Link:  

...and it's yours.  You can print it off, share, and don't need to be logged into Google to do so.  Also, if you click 'Print' and then cancel 'Print', it zooms the PDF document full screen in your browser. You can also go to the upper right, click 'File' and 'Download.'

And again, please - I'm no authority in this area.  I simply wrote this paper because I wanted to understand Postmodernism and postmodern horror cinema better. And, even though it's been read and re-read, my brain is mush, and there are very likely errors here and there.

So excuse me while I go collapse in a fit of exhaustion....