Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekly Round-Up - Where I'm "At"

It's summer break, which means I'm doing lots all over the 'Net. Here's a round-up of where I've been the past few weeks:

- recent review of The Telling, by Mike Duran, over at Shroud Magazine Book Reviews

- a "Modest History of Horror" installment at The Midnight Diner, featuring Al Sarrantonio

- yesterday's blog about my Dad building things with his hands, and how I build things with words

- my first podcast in an upcoming podcast series covering my study of the horror genre, at Tales to Terrify

 - and here's what my office looks like

That's about all for now. More reviews later this week and another blog, probably. Now off to run Madi to camp, polish off the novella, and maybe hit the beach again for some reading time, if it's nice.....