Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Serial Novella, "And I Watered It With Tears", Debuts At LampLight: A Horror Quarterly

The first installment of my serial novella, "And I Watered It, With Tears", debuted yesterday in the first issue of LampLight: A Horror Quarterly. It's available on Smashwords in a bunch of formats, (I recommend the downloadable .pdf) and the best thing is, this first issue's free.

Here's a break-down of its contents:

Welcome to the first issue of LampLight. We hope you enjoy the dark tales you'll find inside. We speak with Bob Ford about writing, life and hair products. There is fiction from William Meikle, Nathan Yocum, Rahul Kanakia, Ian Creasey and Mandy DeGeit. J.F. Gonzalez brings us a view into our literary past. with a discussion on reprint anthologies. Kevin Lucia brings us part I of a volume long novella.

I'm thrilled about this novella, for a number of reasons. One, it represents another step higher on the ladder.  Appearing in a publication with the likes of J. F. Gonzales and Bob Ford is awesome. Also, LampLight was professional, prompt, and they paid well. I know, that dirty little word that no "true artist" wants to talk about: money. Now, money isn't the ONLY sign of a quality publication. But, in a shrinking market, LampLight is a big breath of fresh air and opportunity, so if you've got something good, think about submitting for future issues

This novella is important for another reason, however...because it's the most personal thing I've written to date. Many parts of this story I lifted straight from me, from a very personal fear of mine.  Writing it was cathartic, in many ways, and it feels better than anything I've written, lately. 

I'm hoping that this story, the story forthcoming in Cutting Block Press' Horror Library, Volume 5 - "Almost Home" - and the story I'm writing now for Crystal Lake Publishing's For the Night is Dark - "Haunted By a Thousand Faerie Forms" - marks a new path, for me.  Still horror, still strange, weird, supernatural stories - but stories drawn from inside me. Personal stories.  Stories that vibrate and resonate.  

Ideas have come a lot more frequently, lately. Partly because I've been reading so many short stories this summer.  But also, because, I think - I hope - I've sharpened my focus. I've decided what I want to write about, what types of stories I want to write.

Who knows if this publishing trend/fortune will continue? All I know is I'm thankful for every day I can get up early and write, and thankful for whatever work sees the light of day.

Can't go wrong, there.