Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Next Big Thing: Mike Duran and Dan Keohane, and Will You Like Me, Please? On Supporting....Me?

It's a day late - things got a little crazy yesterday - but don't forget to go and visit the authors I tagged in my "The Next Big Thing" post, Mike Duran and Dan Keohane. Two excellent authors - and, more importantly, people - who deserve more readers.

Secondly, we go back, ironically enough, to Mike Duran's post about simple things folks can do to promote and support authors they love.  And I have to agree - I've really been on a learning curve, regarding this. I don't necessarily expect to sign with a big publisher who will do all my marketing for me, but I always feel awkward about asking folks to "like" my Amazon page, like my book page, things such as that. Posting and blogging news about new publications is one thing, but asking for likes seems, well....desperate?

Also, here's something else...awkward, in a moment of stark honesty. Can I really ask people to like my Amazon page and whatever, when I've had folks who've asked me to "like" them....and I haven't? I mean, I like THEM, but honestly can't say I like their writing...

Maybe I'm splitting hairs. Being too picky about which authors I "like." And maybe, given that, I don't have any place asking folks to "like" me.  I dunno. But seeing Mike blog about it makes me feel a lot better about it. So - if you LIKE my WRITING - here's three simple things I can think of that would maybe help "support" my writing:

Like My Amazon Page
Like Hiram Grange & The Chosen One
Become a fan of my Goodreads page

And if you've read anything of mine and liked it, please go drop a quick review on Amazon or Goodreads.

And that's it! Now, time for me to do my part, and write some more stuff for you to read....