Monday, January 21, 2013

Bring Maurice Broaddus to Binghamton, New York

For the past four years, Seton Catholic Central High School in Binghamton, New York has been fortunate enough to enjoy visits from a variety of acclaimed poets and writers who've donated their time and effort to work with our student writers: Daniel G.Keohane, Andrei Guruianu, Bryan Davis, Norman Prentiss, Claudia Gabel, Rio Youers, and Phil Tomasso. For the past two years, we've also had the extreme pleasure of hosting creative writing workshops taught by Tom Monteleone and F. Paul Wilson, as a well as an illustration workshop with Danny Evarts.

 This year, acclaimed author Maurice Broaddus was slated to visit Seton Catholic Central High, but our usual grant sources dissolved due to budget cuts shortly after Maurice agreed.

So, I'll be quarterbacking fund-raising efforts among the Seton Catholic Central High School community and the horror community, as well as Maurice Broaddus' readers, to try and raise funds for Maurice to visit Seton Catholic Central High School and work with our students. 

Among these efforts is a Barnes & Noble Book Fair - running in-store January 25th - January 27th, and online through February 1st. Other fund-raising efforts - book auctions, and an Indiegogo campaign - will be listed here and on the Facebook Group, also.

Stay tuned for the first leg of our fund-raising efforts, our Barnes & Noble Book Fair, January 25th - 27th.