Thursday, March 28, 2013

Teh Facebook Page: Clifton Heights, NY - A Nice Place to Live. Sorta.

After several years of debating, I've finally decided to launch a Facebook "Author" Page...but, like my forthcoming collection, Things Slip Through, I hope that it'll be something different, something more than just a page on which to pimp myself and my writing. 

Clifton Heights is my own little world, almost five years in the making. Several stories that are pending publication, my serial novella at Lamplight Magazine, other short stories that didn't "fit" this time into the collection's meta-story, and stories I'm working on right now happen in this town. 

I'm still playing with how to utilize this page, but along with self-promotion, I'd like "share" the evolution of this spooky little town, somehow. Still working out how that's going to go.

So anyway, for now - if you're inclined, show me some love and hit 'Like.' Clifton Heights is a strange town, and I'm never bored when there.

And hopefully, you won't be, either.