Saturday, May 4, 2013

Horror 101: Return of the Gothic, New Review for Hiram Grange, "Horror 101 Recommends" and FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK Audio Intro

Another edition of Horror 101: Exploring The Roots of the Horror Genre is up at Tales to Terrify. Our featured books in this month's examination of "the house/gothic" motif is Shirley Jackson's WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE, Rex Jardin's THE DEVIL'S MANSION and Manuel Komroff's ECHO OF EVIL

And because I've realized there's absolutely NO WAY I'll ever be able to cover all the books I want, I've begun a new feature of Horror 101, and that's my reading recommendation for each "strand." Basically, each month I'll recommend contemporary works recently published that I think would be worthwhile supplemental reading.  This month's recommendations are THE SORROWS and THE DARKEST LULLABY by Jonathan Janz and Deadite Press' URBAN GOTHIC by Brian Keene.

Also, Lawrence Santoro of  Tales to Terrify recently lent his voice talent for an audio intro to FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK, the Crystal Lake Publishing anthology featuring my story "On A Midnight Black Chessie." His voice is horror-gold, so take a listen below:

Finally, there's a new review for Hiram Grange and the Chosen One, and I particularly like this part: 

"Kevin Lucia’s The Chosen One was a personal favorite as we meet Queen Mab of Irish legend. Lucia does an excellent job of giving the ancient myth a new, very dark twist."