Friday, June 28, 2013

Horror 101: Haunted House and the Gothic Tale in YA Novels

The newest installment of Horror 101: Exploring the Roots of the Horror Genre is up at Tales to Terrify, and this time I'm exploring a few YA titles that dabble in the haunted house/Gothic motif. Featured this month is William Sleator's Blackbriar, The House With A Clock In Its Walls by John Bellair and From the Dust Returned, by Ray Bradbury, not EXACTLY a YA title, but his work is accessible to all, and it's a wonderful CELEBRATION of the Gothic  haunted house mystique, introducing to us the Family, who lives in a haunted house in Bradbury's celebrated Green Town, Illinois. 

This month's "Horror 101 Recommends" is House of Stairs, by William Sleator - not a haunted house or Gothic tale, really, but still a wonderful dystopian tale I had to mention; The Fall of Never, by Ronald Malfi - a wonderfully brooding and atmospheric modern rendition of the classic Gothic tale, and also by Ronald Malfi, Floating Staircase, again a beautiful take on the haunted house story. Make sure you visit Ron on the web

In the next few episodes, we'll be looking at some seminal classics in the "haunted house" motif: The House Next Door, Hell House, Burnt Offerings, as well as considering the "suburban gothic" of The Girl Who Lived Down the Lane and also considering the real-life phenomenon - or hoax? - of The Amtiyville Horror.