Saturday, July 6, 2013

Back From Vacation, A Review, Summer Plans, Some Thoughts And High School Glory Days

So we're back from our annual trip to the Adirondacks, and while this year's vacation wasn't QUITE as restful as usual, (we stayed in a smaller cabin and there was less space for us to move around, so we spent more time out and about doing things, rather than lounging about doing nothing), it was lots of fun and restful enough.  I made decent progress on Billy, did a ton of reading, and fun was had by all.

Anyway, a lot happened in my absence, an absence that was blessedly internet-free, which once again made me speculate about the detrimental effects of the internet on writers, but I'll share my thoughts about that at a different time. Anyway, first off:

1. My story "Down in Dark" was accepted into the Four Horseman's Anthology Year Two: Inner Demons Out. I'm especially excited about this, because it features a first look at my Weird Western Billy the Kid. It will be released at AnthoCon 2013, then on Amazon afterward.

2. Came across a nice review of my serial novella for Lamplight Magazine, And I Watered It In Tears. This will eventually be available in its entirety in Lamplight's YEAR ONE collection, can be read now in serial fashion (the first issue is free) and there's a chance you'll be able to read it as a standalone eventually. 

3. My flash fiction story "Just A Dream" has been accepted into Apokrupha's coming flash fiction collection Dark Bits. Especially happy about this, because I rarely write flash fiction, and this was also, literally, based on a dream...

4. Came home to not one, not two, but THREE short story solicitations, so in addition to finishing Billy, I have work to do. One of the invitations is nonfiction, which I'm very happy to see. I haven't received an invite for that type of fiction in awhile,  and as I've mentioned before, though my fiction often reflects my values, I really save any reflection on my faith and how it's impacted our lives for my nonfiction. Anyway, my mother-in-law and my Dad will be happy to have some more "nice fiction" to read (if I sell it, that is.)

5. Over vacation I thought a lot about short fiction, this recent post of mine, and the potential of Amazon's digital marketplace - as today's electronic newsstand - for garnering a readership. My thoughts on this are only partially formed, so that's another blog for another time.

6. And finally, a high school friend posted and tagged me in the video clip below, from an exciting football game my senior year in high school, in which I caught a game-winning touchdown pass with two minutes left in the game. Sports taught me SO MUCH about life, and, believe it or not, writing and surviving in the writing industry.  Anyway, it was a fun stroll down memory lane: