Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Horrible Saturday RECAP, A Travelogue and the New Author Page

Horrible Saturday at The York Emporium in York, PA went wonderfully this past weekend, despite the rather sweltering weather. The interviews and readings went great, I moved some product, and generally we all had an awesome time, although we did learn a very, very important lesson: I should always read last.

Anyway, The Emporium treated us like kings and queens, and it was just a wonderful time. It was also great seeing Kelli, Bob, Matt and Pam , Jacob, Savage Mouse, Sue and Dave. I really enjoyed it, and hope to attend again next year.

Also, I experimented with my first ever Travelogue. I had Zack's Ipad with me for the weekend, so I decided to record the trip down and back. I don't know if the results were amusing, interesting, both, or boring. In any case, it kept me awake, and seeing as how the bus trip to Context in September will be eight hours long, I'll probably record that, too, if nothing else but to kill the boredom. Here it is, put in a playlist on Youtube so you don't have to watch the whole thing, but can skip around if you choose:

Also, I finally heeded a close writer friend's advice and created a separate author page, converting my FB page to a personal page for folks I know in real-time, have known and interacted with for years in cyberspace, former classmates, family and horror/genre industry colleagues.  I did trim through my friends list, referencing people to my Author Page, and most folks either just dismissed the email, or promptly LIKED the author page.


Someone took offense at this, but has since apologized, and I apologized for perhaps a curt tone in my email that I didn't mean. So we're all good. Still, here are my reasons for the author page:

1. I have lots of family pictures on my personal Facebook page, my children, especially, that I don't want just anyone to see

2. I have MOSTLY family, real time friends (in the industry and outside), former classmates, current and former coworkers on my Facebook that I don't want to ask to move to a different page, and I don't want to create a new personal page

3. And the rest of the folks on my Facebook personal page I've never "met" but have either worked with on a professional level, or have engaged with in a lot of comments and blogs and emails

4. Those I referred to my Author Page were folks I didn't really know or interact with at all. I offered them my author page not because I wanted to cram them with sales pitches but simply because I didn't want to ask family, coworkers and colleagues and real time friends to move, and I didn't want to create a page just for them

It's as simple as that. I wasn't trying to be self-centered or narcissistic, as was implied, just trying to balance my role as a writer and a father and husband. If I could go back, I would've created two separate accounts to begin with. I can't do that, so I did the next best thing.

Anyway, here's the author page, if you'd like. For me, the whole thing's done, and it's off to do some writing, then read some great horror on the beach.