Friday, August 9, 2013

HORROR 101: The House As Parasite

Another edition of Horror 101 is up at Tales to Terrify, and this month's podcast could be titled: "The House As Parasite." This month I look at The House Next Door by Anne River Siddons, Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco and the seminal classic Hell House by the late Richard Matheson. In this particular podcast, I discuss how each of these "houses" feed off those who inhabit them; or, in the case of Hell House, is haunted by something that feeds off people. 

This month's recommended reads in "the house" motif is another novel by Johnathon Janz, House of Skin, and Dark Inspiration, by Russell R. James.  

Next month we'll be shifting our focus a little bit and looking at haunted/damned/cursed
apartments (note: these can be cross-listed as "religious horror" also) in Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin and The Sentinel by Jeffery Konvitz, with a possible nod toward The Brownstone, by Ken Eulo.