Monday, August 5, 2013

Why You Should Submit to The Midnight Diner, and A Great Blurb

First, I just received a great blurb (probably the last I'll share until release day) for my upcoming collection through Crystal Lake Publishing, from none other than Norman Prentiss:

"An impressive debut collection from one of the horror genre's best new authors. The stories in Things Slip Through are rich with atmosphere and suspense, and author Kevin Lucia weaves in a compelling wraparound tale that adds new layers of significance. Lucia is a true craftsman of the horror story, with a fine sense of the genre's best traditions."

--Norman Prentiss, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Invisible Fences and The Fleshless Man

Norman is one of the finest writers around, so obviously I'm absolutely beside myself this morning, making me ever more excited (and, admittedly, still anxious), about the collection's release in November, 2011.

But mostly, I want to talk this morning about why you should submit to The Midnight Diner, which is now open to submissions, and why, if you can, you should contribute to their funding campaign. I won't go through the whole history of The Diner, you can get that here, but suffice to say: now that they're got funding to pay ALL contributors, this should be a no-brainer for most writers. 

First, don't be scared off by their faith oriented origins. Put it this way: yes, they're looking for well written, complex, deep stories about faith and all that entails...but they don't want CHRISTIAN, RELIGIOUS fiction.  READ: Anything that would never fly in the CBA (Christian Bookseller Association) you should send to them. Consider it the second cousin to Maurice Broaddus' Dark Faith.

But the stories don't need to be about faith at all. The second story I published with them in Volume Three, "Lonely Places" and the third story that would've been published with them (except for release date conflicts) "The Gate and the Way" had nothing to do with religion or faith at all, and that makes ANOTHER great reason to submit: it's an open-ended genre/speculative collection, and we SORELY need more of those, instead of uber-themed collections all about the same thing.

Also - and stay with me on this one - editor Michelle Pendergrass has never sold or published a single line of fiction, and we NEED THAT DEARLY, also. Why? Because we need more editors who KNOW they're editors, know that's their calling, and are damn good at it...which Michelle is. Now, that's not to say that she isn't a fine writer or won't publish sometime in the future. But she KNOWS good fiction when she sees it, (which means, Diner contributors, you CANNOT fall back on the tropes as a crutch), and  right now, she's committed to being an editor, not editing a bunch of collections to enhance her WRITING career.

Anyway, you should definitely submit to the Diner, especially now that it's become a paying venue, because I believe it will become the kind of place to sell genre fiction that might not fit in anywhere else. As usual, I'll be submitting, knowing it will only be kept if its worthy.