Friday, September 20, 2013

It's the Season of Kevin

Well, not exactly. But I do have two new things out there, and with the collection hitting Amazon in little over a month, my short story "Almost Home" coming out in Horror Library 5 soon, it almost feels that way. Anyway, two things for all of you this morning:

Dark Bits, a collection of dark flash fiction, is now available on Kindlepaperback, and a really reasonably priced hardcover. In some ways I'm especially proud of this story, because I so rarely write flash fiction, and this one just sort of popped into my head, whole. Also, it offers a stellar TOC I'm especially pleased to be a part of:

Dark Bits is a collection of 52 +1 horror flash fiction stories. Short, but not sweet, they move quick to grab you. Got a minute? Go ahead, try one. 

Angela Pritchett, Apple Ardent Scott, Bruce Boston, Bryce Hughes, Cameron Suey, Carson Buckingham, Chantal Noordeloos, Chantel Delulio, Cynthia Ray, Dane Hatchell, Darryl Dawson, David Bernstein, David Greske, Die Booth, Edd Vick, G.N. Braun, Guy Anthony De Marco, James Roy Daley, James S. Dorr, Jamie Lackey, Jeff Heimbuch, Jeremy C. Shipp, Jessica McHugh, Johannes Pinter, Kallirroe Agelopoulou, Kathryn Ptacek, Keith Armstrong, Kenneth W. Cain, Kevin David Anderson, Kevin Lucia, Mandy DeGeit, Mark C. Scioneaux, Mary Pletsch, Matthew Wilson, Max Booth III, Meriah L. Crawford, Michael H. Antonio, Michele Mixell, Randolph Andrews, Rebecca L. Brown, Richard Farren Barber, Robert Ford, Robert Smales, Robin Devereaux-Nelson, Sandy Shelonchik, Sheri White, Stephanie Jessop, Tina Rath, Tracy L. Carbone, Wesley Southard, William Gracey, William Meikle, William Whorton.

Also, Lamplight Volume One is available in paperback, featuring as the lead story my serial novella "And I Watered It With Tears." It's one of my favorite stories yet, and the most personal of anything I've written. AND, it also has a pretty slamming TOC:

This 450 page anthology of the first year of LampLight Magazine collects four amazing issues from September 2012 - June 2013. 

Features the complete serial novella "And I Watered It With Tears" by Kevin Lucia. 

Fiction and interviews with Robert Ford, Kelli Owen, Ronald Malfi, and Elizabeth Massie. 

J.F. Gonzalez takes us through the history of the genre with his Shadows in the Attic articles. LampLight classics bring you some of those past voices to experience again. 

Fiction by William Meikle, Nathan Yocum, Rahul Kanakia, Ian Creasey, Mandy DeGeit, D.J. Cockburn, Christopher Fryer, Christopher Kelly, Tim Lieder, Jamie Lackey, Matthew Warner, Sheri White, Dinos Kellis, S. R. Mastrantone, Mjke Wood, Delbert R. Gardner, Michele Mixell, Sarah Rhett, Armel Dagorn, E. Catherine Tobler.

So, there you go.  Some cool stuff from me. In October, Horror Library 5 will be out, featuring another one of my stories in which I really feel like I nailed it, "Almost Home." It's the horror story even my wife likes.  After that is the collection - with local signings starting the end of September, into October - and then its release after AnthoCon in November. And with two short stories and three novellas sitting with publishers, just a little nudge in the right direction for at least a few of those, and it really WILL be the Season of Kevin...