Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Just A Dream" in DARK BITS

Anyone familiar with me knows my tendency to a high word count, (we won't talk about how long my first first draft for Hiram Grange was, nor will we discuss the length of my first draft for Billy the Kid: Down in the Dark), so it probably comes as no surprise that I don't write flash fiction very often. 

However, rarely one of this nice, concise little baddies drops into my brain whole, as it did with "Just A Dream" featured in  Apokrupha's first anthology, Dark Bits, available at both Smashwords and Amazon. And literally, I DID actually dream this, and was lucky enough to get it down the day after.

Also, it's got a pretty awesome TOC, featuring a lot of "the usual suspects" I seem to be making the rounds with lately, as well as top-tier folks like Bruce Boston, Kathy Ptacek, Jeremy C. Shipp, Willie Miekle and others. Check it out, and order it today!

Dark Bits is a collection of 52+1 horror flash fiction stories. Short, but not sweet, they move quick to grab you. Got a minute? Go ahead, try one.


Angela Pritchett, Apple Ardent Scott, Bruce Boston, Bryce Hughes, Cameron Suey, Carson Buckingham, Chantal Noordeloos, Chantel Delulio, Cynthia Ray, Dane Hatchell, Darryl Dawson, David Bernstein, David Greske, Die Booth, Edd Vick, G.N. Braun, Guy Anthony De Marco, James Roy Daley, James S. Dorr, Jamie Lackey, Jeff Heimbuch, Jeremy C. Shipp, Jessica McHugh, Johannes Pinter, Kallirroe Agelopoulou, Kathryn Ptacek, Keith Armstrong, Kenneth W. Cain, Kevin David Anderson, Kevin Lucia, Mandy DeGeit, Mark C. Scioneaux, Mary Pletsch, Matthew Wilson, Max Booth III, Meriah L. Crawford, Michael H. Antonio, Michele Mixell, Randolph Andrews, Rebecca L. Brown, Richard Farren Barber, Robert Ford, Robert Smales, Robin Devereaux-Nelson, Sandy Shelonchik, Sheri White, Stephanie Jessop, Tina Rath, Tracy L. Carbone, Wesley Southard, William Gracey, William Meikle, William Whorton