Monday, October 14, 2013

Horror Library TOC and New Reviews, And I Hope Not To Blow My Own Trumpet To Boredom

First, the TOC for Horror Library 5, featuring my story "Almost Home." Again, I'm very happy to see my name on here, and I can't wait for this to be available. It's one of the few stories I've written in which I feel like I NAILED something, and I hope folks will like it if they happen to encounter it in Horror Library 5.

Also, two new pre-release reviews for my upcoming collection Things Slip Through came in last night, one from Horrorworld. A snippet from that review:
The stories in Things Slip Through run the gambit of horror from Lovecraft-like creatures, to hard-core horror, to Bradburysque melancholy. All of the stories in Things Slip Through are extremely well written and enjoyable. Readers will find themselves finishing the book and feeling quite content; their belly’s full from the horror and their minds savoring the aftertaste of possibilities.
They had me at "Bradburyesque," right? Anyway, the following review from author Thomas Smith really made my night:
Kevin Lucia has skillfully connected stories which could have worked equally well as stand alone tales. And in so doing he takes the reader into territory reminiscent of the worlds of Mulder & Skully, T.E.D. Klein, and H. P. Lovecraft, then drops them off to fend for themselves. This effective collection is not to be missed.
To have my name mentioned in the same breath as T. E. D. Klein is pretty staggering, because there's no way I'm even CLOSE to being good enough to write that man's shopping list.  But what's even more heartening is that a writer like Thomas, someone who shares my literary preferences, would speak so highly of my work. Makes me feel like I'm on the right path.

Ironically, the one thing in that review that makes me happiest is "effective collection." Believe it or not, even though I aspire for high things (probably too high) in writing, all I think I've ever wanted to be called is effective, because let's be honest - at the end of the day, most readers want to enjoy something compelling and entertaining, stories that work.  To hear folks saying that they've simply enjoyed reading the collection is just as encouraging as the reviews themselves.

And that brings me to the reviews. I'll be posting them here on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter, wherever, as they come in over the next few months. Same thing with interviews and blurbs. A lot seems to be happening right now - between the collection,  two short stories coming out, novellas and two other short stories with publishers - and I hope folks won't get bored with me blurting out whenever I get a good review.  I'll try not to become a shill and just yap about that all the time; will try to keep this blog fresh with all the same random thoughts I usually do.

But, I've always said this blog is about my life (and my family's) and writing, and how that all intersects, and this, of course, is part of that. Regardless, I'll try not to blow my trumpet so much everyone gets bored. And eventually, the reviews will settle down and I'll get on to business as unusual, which is the way things always roll around here...