Thursday, October 3, 2013

RoberCon Retrospective, Horror Blog Series and WanaCon

First of all, RoberCon - Binghamton's first ever science fiction/fantasy convention - was a smashing success. Over a 1,000 people through the door in ONE DAY. It was such a success they've already booked it for TWO DAYS next year, and there's talk of me helping them establish a horror track, so I'm very eager to see what we can come up with.

It was just an awesome time. I've never attended a Con - in all the conventions I've traveled to - that packed with people. Let's be honest, some of the horror cons are pretty small, the biggest one I've attended being Horrorfind (I haven't made it to World Horror, yet).  Here's some video coverage and news media coverage of the event.

Honestly, RoberCon just blew my mind. So much to do and see, all the more impressive being held in the Roberson Museum and Science Center instead of a hotel and their drab conference rooms. A little tight at times, and parking was insane, and for a two day event next year they may have some space issues to work out, but I certainly hope RoberCon stays at the Roberson Center, because that lent it a very unique touch, making it stand out from other cons I've attended. 

I only sold two advance copies of Things Slip Through, but for a first year Con that was marketed entirely to science fiction and fantasy fans, I'm happy I sold that many. More importantly, both the panels I served on - "Myth-making in Storytelling" and "The Future of Publishing" - rocked hardcore. The first panel saw thirty-plus people in the audience, standing room only. That's awesome, speaking to a robust crowd like that. I can't wait for next year; also can't wait to bring some of my horror peeps to Bingo.

On a second note, last week through this Tuesday I guest-blogged at Kristen's Lamb's spot on the web, talking about the importance of the horror genre, and what it's capable of. The links to each blog are below:

Why is Horror Important? - Part 1
Why is Horror Important? - Part 2
Why Writing Horror is - SHOULD BE - Hard - Part 1
Why Writing Horror is - SHOULD BE - Hard - Part 2
Asking “What If?” & Exploring the Unknown–A Final Word on Writing Horror

It was an awesome series, averaging over a 1,000 hits a day, the first blog garnering nearly 100 comments. Definitely loved some of the conversation about the horror genre going on over there, so if you haven't yet, drop by and leave a comment.

Finally, this weekend I'll be presenting at my first online con ever, WanaCon. Friday night at 7:30 I'll be talking about submitting horror short  fiction, and some of the things I've seen as an editor. Saturday night at 7:30 I'll be discussing the many different kinds of horror plots, using The Philosophy of Horror by Noel Carroll as my chief reference.

Should be an interesting time. Things Slip Through  will be on their "digital book table," so we'll see if I sell some copies. 

And, I'm speaking right alongside some New York Times Bestsellers and a CEO at CreateSpace, so I'm surrounded by good company, regardless. And another cool thing: they have a free "mixer" online tonight that anyone can join. Just head over to Kristen's latest blog, and she'll show you how.  

Hope to see some of you there. Also hope, very soon, to see more pictures like these bouncing around the 'net....

Author Phil Tomasso enjoying Things Slip Through