Monday, November 18, 2013

On Being Compared to Charles Grant - Better than Stephen King, Any Day - and The Free Novel

So, I continue to be amazed and absolutely humbled by the reviews coming in for Things Slip Through, and here's the thing that's totally rocking my world so far: one or two are from folks who requested ARC copies, but the majority have come from paying customers. Most recent is from Dean Harrison, author of These Unquiet Bones, and he had this to say:
As a devoted fan of Charles L. Grant's Oxrun Station I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Kevin Lucia's Clifton Heights, a town of nightmares, a place where strange and unexplainable occurrences are the norm and horror lurks in every shadow, drifts in every breeze. Like Grant's Oxrun Station series, Lucia's THINGS SLIP THROUGH had me in its firm, icy grip from page 1. It is written with style, peopled with well-drawn characters put up against the most harrowing situations imaginable. This is not a typical short story collection either. Each tale is part of a bigger narrative that is expertly mapped out to its shocking 5 star ending. A treat for any fan of quality horror. Don't let it slip by.
This has me "verklemped" on many levels. First of all, Charles Grant - one of my favorite writers. And yes, his Oxrun Station novels have been a major influence on me (along with Gary Braunbeck's Cedar Hill Cycle, Al Sarrantonio's Orangefield Cycle and Bradbury's Greentown Cycle), but another reason why I love the comparison?

I'm not being compared to Stephen King.

Which may sound strange. Who would complain about being compared to King? Especially considering that his work has ALSO had a large influence on my writing? I think it's because I remember - as a young reviewer, when my reading diet was admittedly pretty shallow (King, Koontz and the occasional Straub) - I shamefully compared most folks to Stephen King simply because I had no frame of reference. I hadn't read widely enough in the genre to reference anyone else.

So it's extremely gratifying to hear names like Grant, Bradbury and even Robert McCammon mentioned in reviewing my work. Not only does it hopefully indicate I've grown past my roots, but also says volumes to me about the folks reviewing it.  

And who knows how this will affect sales, right? All I know is this: thus far, the collection has already outsold anything else I've ever written, people are sharing the heck out of it on FB, and people really seem to like it. And that works for me.

Now, for something completely different...

I'm going to experiment with something, starting January 2014. More to come on that, but basically: I want to write a serial novel - The Jabberwockand post in on Goodreads, starting one chapter a month to start with. Then, at the end of the year, I'll self-publish it on Amazon.


Why not? Just spreading some dandelion seeds...