Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, And How It's NOT the Big Break I'm Waiting For...

Recently I received the news that my Amazon Breakthrough Novel entry - Down in the Dark - advanced to the quarterfinal round of judging. During this round, the novel will be reviewed and critiqued by Publisher's Weekly.


Publisher's Weekly.

Don't think I'm not shaking a little in my boots, here.

Also, an excerpt of my entry - basically chapter one - can be downloaded on Kindle free here.

This is all fabulous news. I couldn't be happier. If folks choose to review the excerpt and they review it positively, even more awesome. However, I'm going to try and avoid blasting everyone with review requests. The biggest reason why (besides not wishing to annoy my friends and colleagues) is that this isn't the BIG break I'm waiting for...

Because I'm not waiting for my break.  I'm in my office every single morning, trying to bring that big break about, typing, writing, editing. I'm cramming in forty minutes of writing and editing during my lunch break every day at work, trying to make my break happen. I'm not waiting for my break, I'm trying to make my break.

Also, this is coming about in the best of ways. I'd already made some tentative connections with publishers for Down in the Dark before entering this contest. I just happened to finish in time to enter, is all. I'm also plenty busy with other projects, so it's not like I'm  sitting around every single day, waiting by the email for news about my ABNA entry. 

And, I didn't write Down in the Dark with an eye toward it being my "big break," I wrote it because Billy the Kid got in my head and wouldn't get out. I wrote it because it was the first novel idea I'd ever had in which I could clearly "see" the end; the first novel that "lived" and "breathed" in my head. So I haven't pinned my literary success on this entry. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm excited as can be, if only because it's all been so unexpected.  But I'm also hard at work every single day. This is simply one more step along the journey. In fact, if I got a positive Publisher's Weekly review out of this and that's it, I'd be over the moon.

But I've got work to do.


That having been said....