Saturday, April 12, 2014

What Keeps Me Going: On Reviews and the Lovely Readers Who Leave Them

So, it's been over a month since I blogged.  Part of it is I've been insanely busy - operating under two different deadlines, complicated by a case of "accidental novella" when I was trying to write a short story for another deadline and that short story bloomed into a novella. 

Instead of putting that aside for another time, I decided - with the publisher's consent - to combine that novella with the novella being released in June from Ragnarok Publications to form a mini-collection of two novellas, tied together with a framing device similar to Things Slip Through, but different. So, in June, if everything goes well, two novellas will be coming your way, under the title Devourer of Souls: Sophan and The Man in Yellow. 

And, of course, I'm just in the beginning  stages of that short story, giving it second try, because that would be my second pro-rate sale if I can land that, and I'm mildly desperate eager to prove I'm not a one-hit wonder on that front.

Also, however, I haven't blogged much because...well... I haven't had much to say. About a month or so ago, I basically gave myself permission not to blog, simply accepting the fact that on most days, weeks, months, I have time enough to do one of two things: write fiction, or blog on a regular basis. No surprise, I chose writing fiction. Of course, summer is coming, so in a few months, I'll have more time to make my presence here felt. For now, however, I'm concentrating on the important stuff.

But I did want to share a new review of the collection that popped up on Amazon yesterday. The best snippet, for me, was:
I wasn't sure how I wanted to rate the book after finishing it, but just this morning, found myself wanting to dive back into Clifton Heights and learn more. That’s the sign of a pretty amazing piece of fiction.
I can honestly say that Things Slip Through has been for more productive financially  (are we allowed to talk about that?) than anything I've ever written, selling more copies over Amazon and by hand than anything of mine, to date. But the thing that really gives me strength and the legs to keep writing are the reviews popping up on Amazon. For the first time, people are consistently posting positive reviews without my knowledge. 

In other words, folks are buying the collection, reading it and reviewing it....because they really and truly liked it, not because I ran a contest for them to do it, or asked them to do me a favor, or anything like that. AND, the consistent feeling seems to be (along with some very valid and solid points of critique) that readers want MORE. They want to RETURN to Clifton Heights (God help them), and that is pretty much the best thing any creator could possibly hear: that folks like what we're dishing, and want seconds. 

So, to all those who have purchased a copy and read and reviewed Things Slip Through: a deep, heartfelt thanks. That being said, it's down to the office to get something more cooking....