Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Coming Soon...

Again, I'm unsure how many folks still come here instead of Facebook, but regardless, here it is. Check out Ben Baldwin's always fabulous work...

Arcane Delights. Clifton Heights' premier rare and used bookstore. In it, new owner Kevin Ellison has inherited far more than a family legacy, for inside are tales that will amaze, astound, thrill...and terrify.

An ancient evil thirsty for lost souls. A very different kind of taxi service with destinations not on any known map. Three coins that grant the bearer's fondest wish, and a father whose crippling grief gives birth to something dark and hungry.

Every town harbors secrets. Kevin Ellison is about to discover those that lurk in the shadows of Clifton Heights.

Coming June from Crystal Lake Publishing - THROUGH A MIRROR, DARKLY.