Friday, April 17, 2015


Today is the release of a novelette I've chosen to self-publish, THE WAY OF AH-TZENUL. Here's the particulars:

June 5th, THROUGH A MIRROR DARKLY will release from Crystal Lake Publishing. In it, Kevin Ellison, new owner of Arcane Delights, receives a mysterious box full of books. One of them is an old journal entitled THE WAY OF AH-TZENUL. Luckily, he doesn't read it. Others, however, have not been so fortunate....

"A farmer desperate to improve on last year's poor crops discovers a box of old books at the landfill, and among them an ancient journal offering planting advice not found in any Farmer's Almanac known to modern man... " 

This one is a bit....different from what I usually write. Definitely weirder.  Way weirder. In any case, check it out for .99 today.